Helmet Vanga – Masoala Peninsula, Madagascar, 2018

Date TBC

Our ground agent advises that Madagascar is currently going through a bad period of civil unrest, political turmoil, and an election is proposed for November. Chaos is likely so we are advised not to go this year. Tentatively I will run the tour during the same period in 2024.

After 3 prior visits to this unique country, I took a tour here in 2018 with 6 former Peru tour participants. The success of that tour has prompted me to go again but this time the itinerary (and the optional extensions) is varied a little and offers some opportunities to see some seldom seen birds and mammals. It will be well worth it. I am hoping for a group of 7 & at present (March 2023) I have 5 people. Our daily log for the 2018 tour listing 165 birds, 38 mammals including 32 lemurs, 10 chameleons, 27 other reptiles, 11 amphibians & other smaller creatures.