My husband and I did the North Peru Bird Tour in June 2012 led by Detlef and Carol Davies. We had a fantastic time and since our return to New Zealand have recommended this tour to others with an interest in wildlife.

Detlef and Carol were great hosts and made sure that everyone was very well looked after. Our group was quite diverse with a mixture of intense birders (twitchers), general birders, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers so it was quite an achievement to meet everyone’s expectations. This was achieved by having a flexible itinerary which allowed time for photography, nice walks and relaxation for those that required it in addition to the hard core birding. Detlef and Carol had obviously put a lot of time and effort into developing such a balanced tour.

We enjoyed the amazing range of habitats visited which allowed us the chance to see the most stunning range of birds, mammals, insects and plants. The trip to Kuelap was another highlight as was Gocta Falls with its amazing views and great walks close by.

Our accommodation and food was excellent and the staff and drivers were all very friendly which added to our enjoyment of the tour.

At some stage we would love to do another trip with Detlef and Carol to see more of your wonderful country and its amazing fauna, flora and scenery.